"Expat: A person who has citizenship in at least one country, but who is living in another country."


Being expats ourselves, we've experienced that there will always be a need to meet people from your own country to hang out with, speak your mother tongue, go for a beer or coffee etc.

That way, you feel more like home while still being an expat, ready to discover your new country and friends...

Expatmapper.com has been developed to map all expats around the world in an easy and user-friendly way. Just register yourself (it's for free) and you can access the data.
Based on your selection of nationality and/or country, you will be able to view all expats who will fullfill these requirements and if you're interested, get in contact.

In addition, we have an "insider tips" page, which provides you all interesting places, pubs, organizations, etc... related to your nationality and place. Again, you can select on nationality and/or country to see the insider tips close to you. Feel free to enter a tip by yourself as well.

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